“BANG, BANG” Louise heard. “What is that” Louise wondered.
Here it goes again. “Bang……..”
This is it. Louise needed to check this out. Louise screamed “Mummy, is that you”. No reply. Louise could hear the sound of the shower. Mummy is still in the shower. Louise tiptoed to down stairs. The noise went on. “Bang, Bang , Ba….ng..”.
Louise ran and hid behind the curtain. “Just in case, I better be careful, it could be a thief”, she told to herself. Something soft just touched her feet. She froze. Her mouth fell dry.
Meow.. phew! It was the cat. She felt a sigh of relief. Ok, stay focussed. Back to the mission. The “Bang” goes on. Louise peered through the curtain to see the front gates. It is still closed. “So how could anyone enter”, she thought. Louise tried to remember the emergency phone number “000’ it is and I say “police”. Louise had a plan.
Louise dashed from the curtains to the couch. The noise is getting louder. Few more steps to the backyard door. Louise tiptoed and slowly opened the backyard door.
The backyard is empty.. The noise went on. “Hold on a second”, she could see something. The old gum tree, someone is trimming away the branches. A man with a white coat. Who on earth is that and how dare is he to cut down my tree, my tree with my tree house in there”.. Louise felt angry and sad. Tears rolled down her cheeks.
She yelled “stop, stop”.
The man looked at her. He looked more surprised than she is. He muttered “the medicine, I need it to cure the SARIYUS virus disease in Lugola land”
“What?????” , Louise was clueless. She said “ are you joking, I am going to call police now”
“NO” , he screamed, “I have proof”. He put his hands inside his white coat pockets and took out a mirror. “Look in the mirror”.
What Louise saw was absolute disaster. Lots of people in the hospitals with saline bottles hanging. She felt sad.
“Well, I can give up my tree house”, Louise thought.
She looked at the white coat man. “Ok, go ahead”, she said.
And one last BANG.. the tree came down and what!!!
The white coat man disappeared and the good, old gum tree was standing tall in the backyard.
Louise still wonders whether it was a dream except for the small mirror that still sits on her room with the words ”thank you” written in the back!!


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