The Hope Plant

The Hope Plant
“Sage time to go!” Mum yelled.
“But mum, what if I don't like my new school or make friends?” Sage cried.
“I promise you will love it, now get in the car, I need to help your Dad pack and put our bags
in the boot.” Mum replied.
Sage was a girl that wasn’t like others she homeschooled and had no human friends only
birds and Stars her cat, .So she felt anxious on the trip and had a hard time sleeping. Sage
yawned as she put on her school uniform, feeling her hand shivering. “Vroom” the car went
going to Sage’s new school and if you heard it, her dad was singing all the songs on the
radio so loud, Sage had to put on her earphones to relax her mind. When she arrived in her new school, she looked around and saw her new teacher when she came to welcome her in but the teacher was being very rude, she just said “follow me new girl”. Sage said bye to her dad and thought that the teacher was just having a bad day but that was just the start because even when she
went in, everyone threw papers at her and the days after were worst. Firstly she got a E on her tests, secondly she got grounded and thirdly she got no friends because there's no one wants talked to her. Sage lost hope so she ran away to the forest. She thought she would never have a good time at school but then she saw littlest plant. To her, it represented a little
life, her little life. The plant wasn’t growing at all just like how Sage was feeling. Sage cried her heart out and a tear fell on the plant and then a sprout bloomed. The roots grew and the petals became colourful and a boy same Sage’s age came and said she can come to his town where it was peaceful and could meet nice people and Sage lived more happily.


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