Terror is rising. Ghastly unknown is upon us, fighting for revenge. Promises are broken, trashed, laughed upon. Dishonour and greediness rule our crushed planet. Love is scarce. Only the most noble and empathetic of our kind can distribute and achieve such phenomenal humbleness. One of those treasures of people is who you least expect to be. A ten-year-old.
Ridiculous! Children have got no love inside their selfish soul that only cares about virtual popularity these days. Their only friends are online superstars - more like online super-frauds! Of course, as proven just here, just now, nobody believes this kindness explosion, that is, until proven wrong. You see, this little girl decided that what is happening between Russia and Ukraine is not right, and went about her part to solve this concerning problem. What’s more - she has nothing to do with the situation, she lives in Australia! She could have done nothing about it, but no. Kindness consumed her. She wrote an inspiring letter:
To Vladimir Putin
WAR. Despair. Agony. Horror. Souls trying to escape death’s painfully eager grip. Mother Earth has observed humanity’s many conflicts. I thought people have learnt hurting in any way is wrong, no matter what. Killing is a disaster. But starting war is cruel. Horrid even. Pure apathy.
I thought us, as human beings had moved on from that type of conflict. Until I heard about the disastrous situation between Russia and Ukraine. Hundreds, maybe thousands, perhaps millions of men. Woman. Children. Babies. Are getting stolen by the killing machine called death, when their time hasn’t yet come.
I believe underneath your pitiless skin lives a kind, generous, hopeful soul. All I want from you is for you to say a few simple but powerful words: Peace for Ukraine and for me, Vladimir.
Signed by a hopeful ten-year-old.
Perhaps, do you know how many people believed this? You would imagine plenty. Sorry to miserably disappoint you, but not many, in fact none. Zero. Nothing. Believe it or not, she didn’t care. One bit.
The reason, thanks to not valued enough internet, said to make minds explode with sly content, she could sit and watch her message travel the world, melting hearts like an adorable kitten litter meowing for needed help. From Australia to Brazil to U.S.A., England, South Africa. Eventually Russia. Empathy, spread in less than an hour with a few simple but powerful words. With more children like this in the world, eventually humanity will have a chance, instead of destroying the precious gift of life, all may soon embrace and appreciate this. We need this chance. But do we deserve it?



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