Mister Midnight

Goodnight Mister Midnight.
At a point, you’ll go away.
What are the odds that I'll find you with prey?
In a faraway place, in a faraway kingdom,
Mister midnight forever is your name.
The beauty that you bear from the moon shone above,
Outlining independence with an ethereal glow.
Perhaps this is the difference between you and me.
To be able to jump over a brick wall in the span of one two three.
To be so small but the fact that that won’t stop you.
Yet at times, you get provoked over the silliest things.
I won’t force or cast you from my side
So do not hide especially when my arms are opened wide.
Your eyes may be full of curiosity
But tonight, I think it's best for you to be here at my side
So that I can sleep tight and finally say goodnight.



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