Excellence Award in the 'Summertime Fun ONLINE' competition

Rusty leaned into the poison of the drift, his Corvette breathing out his thrill. Rusty’s mind worked overtime to calculate the velocity of the turn, reflection of the cars behind him bright in the rear view mirror.

Rusty let his hands graze the wheel, sweeping past a parked vehicle and chanting a repeat of prayers under his breath.

Nitrous oxide breathing into his engine, Rusty flew down the street like a phoenix in flight, laughter hot in his lungs. The speedometer clicked as rib cracking force rung through his being.

The next sweeping turn crowded his vision. Rusty’s thought process slowed a fraction, and he yanked his wheel to pull into a drift as if on autopilot, Corvette screaming as it carved the hot asphalt.

He passed a blur of turquoise flanking his side, his car a breath away from connecting with the other.

Rusty laughed wildly as his Corvette danced down the track, little regard for his competition.

Bystanders graced his path, which told Rusty the chalked finishing line was close.

Rusty felt himself merge with the boundaries of his car, mind and body interlocking with the autonomy of the Corvette. It was ethereal the way invisible strings guided Rusty’s hands over the steering wheel, a puppet to the slave of racing.

Rusty cleared the finish line with thrill taking a devastating course through his frame.

It wasn’t a stranger to Rusty when thrill leaked into his body, poisoning his mind with adrenaline and addiction.

“When’s the next race?” Rusty murmured as his foot grazed the brake.

The phoenix known as Rusty had swept into the fray with blazing wings, taking all and everything with it.


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