The Extravagant Metamorphosis

The midnight air was cold
The cold wind crept up through my fury body
The scrumptious leaves fell one by one of the trees onto the never-ending ground

l make my way to the top of the tree
l eagerly take a bite of a luscious leaf
lt is time for me to take my precious sleep

The agitating sound of the cicadas awakes my dreams
l proceed to take a couple of leaves as the sun brightly gleams
l head to the highest of the tree and glory on a narrow beam
The silence is dead, all of the insects retreat, and my body starts to shed streams of skin

Days pass by, and I'm still in my cocoon with no light, no sound, no food, no room
Just stuck in a small shell

Weeks go by and at last, a ray of sunlight seeps into the cocoon
l find myself in a new world
A world that belongs to butterflies


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