Summer Vacation

One day Sarah and her family were going on a summer vacation.They went on the car into the airport and caught their flight.The flight was weird.They didn't mind it but at the destination it was impossible to unsee the monster.Everyone ran and panicked but her family calmed down because the whole family has powers and protected them a base and weapons to protect everyone.So the monster started attacking but soon they will know the secret of the monster.One step after the family rapid fired and they thought they won but more of them came and turned in to aliens.They saw MeanMeme and they knew who to call.Sarah called her cousin Doge and Jacob and they brought their team.MeanMeme saw them and she said how did they know.Doge said me and Jacob's cousin Sarah.Jacob used last times ammo but it didn't worked.MeanMeme said they grown and are harder to beat.Duck put the travelers in the safety area in the ship.Jacob and Doge got Sarah and her family in the ship to help because they are family.Jayden N and Jayden P flew the ship while they worked.Everyone was confused but Jacob found a solution and built it.Jacob rapid fired answer and explanations because it was difficult to use and understand.Everyone worked.Sid and Aayan placed destroy turret,Jacob and Doge placed the machine,Both Jaydens flew the ship and the while protect the ship and the travelers."We need the people's help again so here are the weapons and new ammo."said Jacob and Doge.Taj,Yeetmaster1234 and YeetWoman4321 was picking up Brennen from his holiday.Everyone was there and they started fighting.The ammo was light,as fast as a nanosecond and heavy to aliens.They fought and fought and won.They put MeanMeme to jail a 6th time and celebrated in the island.


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