Sallow Leaves

Friday 13th, 2009

Lights flickering in a quick motion, He looks up. He is Alex Wellington, Pearly white teeth and long fluffy brown hair. Nothing is bothering him besides his dusty camera that his parents had in the 80’s, Alex was falling asleep, until there was a screeching noise coming from outside, He swung his head directly at the back gate, deeply staring at the dry leaves blowing in the wind, at the corner of his eye was his dog, Murphy barking furiously at the bushes. Another sound caught up; it sounded like an electronic lagging. The camera turned on with a traumatizing scream, like a man in fear or danger. A choice of videos appeared and automatically, videos of Alex's dead father that died a year ago. Tears were forming, slowly dripping down his face while breathing heavily in shock. The wind was calling his name furiously repeatedly. Alex ran outside and let out a scream.

"WHO ARE YOU!" The voices stopped. He looked down to see a pair of white eyes in a bush full of dry dead leaves that had not been watered since they moved into this cheap haunted house 2 years ago. Alex's breathing stopped and a sight of paranoia started to configure. He dropped the camera and froze, the thoughts in his head at that moment were the end of his reputation and existence. Alex starts walking to it, taking small steps.


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