Sally The Cucumber

Sally was a cucumber. she was ginormous but one day she made a shrink-er-iser and she shrinkt everything except sally. later on a dog called Luca jumdped on the shrinkriser so sally was small so Luca did not see sally . Then the mum picked sally up and washed sally in the sink. SHE was going to eat her but she excaped buy the dog got her off the fork . Then Sally wiggled out of the dogs mouth. sally ran outside to make herself big again. A bird sees him and trighs to eat him but he was to big. The bird was tickaling her and sally jumped qwickly. But he jumped on to the shrinkriser. So she shrunk again then the bird flew of into a tree with Sally. Sally was on the birds back it was hard to hold on because the bird was flying . Then out of the door came Lucy and saw the bird but she did not see sally. Sally fell of but Lucy caught her. But Lucy did not now that she couht Sally then she droped Sally. Fell on the shrinriser and turned big . Bigger than Lucy. Lucy got a fright and jumped up and ran away. Sally had to get Lucy because she had to tell her something. Finally Lucy saw Sally and had a drink and started to run away but this time she stoped. Sally saw a sine that had a picture on it. It said wach out for cows. So Sally stoped to look for a cow but insted of a cow Sally sees Lucy. Sally runs and caches Lucy and took her back home and said I am a cucumber so I am not dangeorus " your mom tried to eat me".well yeah you are a cucumber everyone likes cucumbers asept Bob he is a joker . He is very good at jokes because Bob has a professional joke book. I see Bob rite now here he comes when he tells a joke you have to get the joke book off him because I am a majik cucumber so I can go in a book and get something out. Here he is get the book off him said Sally quitly got it said Lucy nocknock who's there intarapting cow intarapting cow who moooooooooo said Bob. Quick run away go into a book and get something said Lucy. Lucy was not scared of Sally eny more I am in the book" " quiet get something said Lucy. I can not find enything then I come out of the book. Sally sees Lucy but someone came and picked Lucy up and put her in a sink then Sally came and helped Lucy with some rope Lucy climed the rope. Then Lucy said thank you so much I would of drowned if you wouldent of came 'said Lucy. Then Sally took Lucy home and when Lucys mum saw Sally she screamed. Lucy said it is okay mum it is just a cucumber said Lucy.


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