Rain in summer

I would not take my days spent in sunshine and hot,hot rain away for anything,
Those days were salvation to me.
Just sitting there doing nothing in particular,
watching you move so slow and focused, so intense,
You always were strong.
stronger than you knew, you had too much power over me.
But i caught you, cast out my net,
let my words crawl inside of you, bury themselves deeper and deeper under your skin,
speaking of the things you had hoped for, for so long.

I took you away one of those days,
it was a rainy, rainy thursday when i took you away,
How it poured down on us, heaven poured down on us, sitting alone in the park.
That old man was the only person for miles, he sat on the bench with a day old newspaper
and an ancient umbrella in his wrinkled hands,
Not unlike a tired angel who'd lost his way,
cheekily he smiled, reminiscing of days spent with his own baby.
And i cannot forget it,
the sight of you next to me,
raindrops on tears and teardrops on rain,
trickling down your stange, beautiful face.
Getting lost in our bittersweet love was always easy to do,
we always did fall so hard.
Drowning drunk on soft summer grass,
Water soaking through our clothes,
Every inch of us covered in rain,
Not that we minded all that much.
crazy can be contagious in love,
and how crazy i was for you.
Coz you baby were better, better than all the rest.
So beautiful, with those liquid eyes,
i sunk into them every time,
and your hands fit mine just right.

At night, all the others they stayed safe and well in their rooms,
glowing candlelight,through their windows we saw each one light up,
they lay cosy and content in their beds.
Warm but ultimately caged.
But we were free down there in the park,
Huge god-like trees cradling the sky reaching above us.
Stars peeking throgh spider branches,
shadows cast over your silhouette,
Those shadows were the kind that can only be caused by the moon.
Stay locked in my brain are each second of those hot summer days and evenings
spent so well,
spent with you.
Those days are the days,
the days you know you're gonna remember every day,
for the rest of your days.

fancy dinner parties, things so foreign to me,
Mummy and Daddy didn't approve,
is all they ever gave you.
Your Mummy always wore her shiniest pearls and domestic goddess smile,
Oh, how she wished she could break me,
Prove herself right.
Her hurtful words just made me laugh.
Me, I was your best kept secret for quite awhile.
more than a little misunderstood, maybe too well understood,
Too different,too apprehensive at playing games they played so easily,
Probably doesn't matter now.
Mummy and Daddies fear of me,
fear of corruption through an honest love,
was such a strange thing.
They had trapped themselves in misguided good intentions for you long ago.
Overflowing were the tea cups Mummy handed you and i,
filled up to the brim,
the years had shaken it around,
a toxic mix of sugar-coated guilt,
and a pinch of all the things both you and they knew you'd never be.
It was only a matter of time.
But i swear on my life,
they wouldn't have known you if they'd seen you then,
Alone with me you came to life,
Boy, you were such dynamite.

We rescued each other just in time,
Doubt loomed large in your troubled mind and comfort was what i craved,
Fears were faced and nightmares would recreate,
but there was such a comfort in being found emotionally bare.
Shedding old skins so determined in pulling us back to yesterday.
Pain and mistakes from yesterday should always stay in yesterday,
my father told me and i told you the same.
Things like that,
better shared between two.
You loved that i loved you for what you were,
Not what you felt you had to be,
We all need some confirmation some times.
Discovering who we'd been hiding deep inside,
behind fake smiles and predictable words,
We found the you and me.

You saw me in my smile,
Dancing so free and childlike in that park,
Summer rain dripping down,
Slow but fast at the same time.
We were enchanted by the leaves falling down next to my bare naked feet.
Twirling, my arms towards the sky,
summer dress floated all around,
That made you smile.
Do you remember how i made you dance?
Dance with me in the soft summer rain?
I still remember the exact look on your face,
to your heart it was such a release.
At last you knew you were safe.

And safe you're gonna remain,
i promise you that.
I'll keep the summer rain alive in you.
Just promise to always stay.
Coz there such devastation, a feeling of being so incomplete
when youre not by my side,
I need youre hand in mine for all of time.
Boy, i love you a little more than i can bear,
Just a look over your shoulder can still break my heart,
Boy, i really love your way.
You keep suprising me with how much you care,
So nice to get way,
just you and me,
escape from a world growing colder,
each second wasted apart, it falls to peices a little harder,
a few more hearts break in two.
Second by second anothers innocence is lost.
But we will be saved, if we stay,
wait out the storms, wait out seasons unnecessary, locked in the room we stay,
Where the cold does not reach us,
love, prayers and familiar thoughts warm our pale hearts,
Night brings shadows and doubt but we know better,
Our reality is of our own creation,
life and death and everything else could never contend with a love like this,
For all we know it may not exist,
Just you and me,
thats what we need.

Hibernate through Winter,Autumn and Spring,
Until summer comes around,
Sunshine stirs us to life,
lures us from the bedroom, raises our sleeping heads.
When on some rainy, rainy thursday,
We'll fly down the stairs covered in our bed clothes,
You'll chase me down onto busy pavement,
through voilent traffic,
and melting strawberry ice cream,
till we find ourselves in that park.
Dance under summer skies and watch it rain down onto us,
heaven pour down onto us again.
Funny how easily it takes me back again,
Now i know it is here we will always return,
Under your skin i remain,
Safe together forever more,
together in summer rain.

By Sophie Clark