The Wolf Who Has A Thaw In His Paw

The Wolf who had a thaw in his Paw.

Once upon a time there was a little white, furry, bunny called Mr. Hopper. He has long ears and one of them had a hole in it. The hole was caused by a wolf who grabbed him by the ear with his teeth when he was a young bunny. The wolf didn’t manage to eat him because he dropped him into his burrow when another wolf bumped into him.
Mr. Hopper enjoyed hopping around and exploring in the forest. The forest was big and creepy. There were lots of dangerous animals and lots of tall trees and shrubs. Mr. Hopper had a fun time wandering around looking for berries for the family. Everything around him was huge.
The little bunny went to an area he didn’t belong. This area had a lot of berries but was also wolf territory. He noticed shiny black fury in the sun with a purple glow. He looked closer and noticed sharp claws, pointy ears, sharp teeth and realised it was a big bad wolf there lying in the path resting.
The bunny could smell the wolfs den and was very cautious and looked around in case there were any more wolves nearby. He hoped right up to the wolf and realised he was injured. The wolf smelt the bunny and slowly woke up from his rest in pain. Mr. Hopper hoped back quickly as he saw the wolf wake up.
The wolf got up and walked with difficulty to the bunny. One of his paws was limp. The brave bunny hopped up and took the wolfs paw in his little paws. The wolf was surprised and did not try to eat the bunny. The bunny helped take the thaw out of the wolfs paw.
The wolf looked down at the bunny. He remembered a little bunny who his father had in his fangs by the ears. He also remembered that he bumped into his father who dropped the bunny into the burrow. He looked closely at the bunny’s ear and saw a hole in it. He realised it was the same bunny. The bunny recalled a vision of the wolf when he was a young bunny.
They became lifelong friends, and the wolf helped the bunny collect berries for his family. The wolf’s name was Shadow, and he was an alpha, a leader of the pack. Mr. Hopper was the Eater Bunny, who continues to leave chocolate eggs for Easter hunts and we all live happily ever after enjoying chocolate eggs.


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