Kate's amazing day

Kate’s amazing day started out pretty much like any other. She overslept, and then dashed around with a mouthful of jammy toast and her school skirt on inside out. Grabbing all her books, she scrambled into the car and Mum roared out of the driveway. That was when the trouble started -CLUNK- they had hit the back of a VERY expensive looking car!! “I’m so sorry” Mum gabbled as the driver got out. “I was just …. Oh!” “Delta Goodrem”, croaked Kate. Mum wasn’t the only one who had recognized the driver! That’s how Delta Goodrem ended up sitting in their kitchen, waiting for a tow-truck.

“I’ll get Sally from next door to take you to school, while I wait here with Delta,” said Mum. Kate stared at her “Are you nuts?” she hissed, “You’re making me go to school, when I could be sitting here interviewing DELTA GOODREM!!!!” But Mum wasn’t going to argue.

“Delta Goodrem”, Kate’s Best friend, Lucy sighed when she had heard the news at lunch. “A measly 5 minute chat,” Kate said, “I don’t believe my Mum!”
“There’s still the concert next week,” said Lucy. Kate smiled weakly. She knew they were lucky to have tickets to Delta’s concert, but it wasn’t the same.

Kate’s mood hadn’t improved by the time she got home that afternoon. “Delta didn’t stay long,” Mum said, trying to cheer her up. “But I did say you were going to the concert and she thought you might like these.” She handed Kate an envelope, Kate had a peek, “Backstage passes!” Kate squealed.
“You never know; you might get to interview Delta after all!” Mum laughed.



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