Cheeks, chin, mouth and nose
the features of a face they close
only allowing the eyes to show
hiding the identity another would know

although unlike a face, however much- detail it may reveal
a mask can be cast away without great- deal
a face on the other hand, stays with- you to the end
no amount of makeup will change who- you are to match this day's trend

whether it be small noses, big lips or- bulgy eyes the message they send
no other mask will fit your face none- other you can lend
just like your mask they cannot fit,- yours genuine and unique
no one else to wear your mask, no one- else to fit your nose or cheek

masks can have many colours at once on- its surface
to express the makers feeling,happy,-
sad,angry or nervous
also able to paint over and over if- that be the case
though the make of a mask, much like a face cannot be replaced.