V8 poblem

It was the day of Bathurst 2015 and Jason Plummer (The Plummer) was getting ready to race his first Bathurst ever. His friend stopped him from getting in the car, asking if he wanted to go to a super car school reunion and that Peter Brock and Mark Skiafe would be there also. Jason said “Yes I will go”.

Later on in the race Jason was coming last and Peter Brock was in the crowd and was looking at The Plummer. Peter went into the pit and told the team that he raced for the Holden racing team and they put Peter on the radio to The Plummer and told him that he needs to race better. The Plummer won the race.

Later that day when Jason was packing up the race car Peter came over with Mark and introduced him. They all became good friends.
Later on that month at the reunion Peter Brock was really late and Mark called Peter up on his phone. Peter said his car wouldn’t start, so Jason and Mark jumped in Jason’s car and went to Peter’s house and gave him a lift to the reunion. Mark and Peter gave their speech.

The next year The Plummer took over Holden racing team and hired Peter Brock to race at Bathurst and operate the radio for the rest of the time.

One year later Peter Brock sadly had to retire from HRT because he was told he shouldn’t race and get excited or he would die. So the HRT team had a big party for Peter Brock and all the racing teams where there, all his family was there, it was huge.

A story by David Bourne
Please note: that Peter Brock and Mark are real people ,HRT is real racing team, Jason Plummer is not real.



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