Land to gravel

There came a deadly arsonist who started a blaze
The blaze quickly spread under the heat of the summer days
He started the blaze deliberately
He tried to run away desperately.

The blaze roared to life and
Among all the trees
The blaze was rife,
But we hoped it would come to ease.

The blaze became out of control
It did not come to ease.
The blaze made a massive hole
It burnt down all the trees.

Here comes the rain and hail
To put the fire out.
I was stepping on a possum’s tail
And the rain soon ended the drought.

The fire has gone completely out
Thanks to the rain and hail.
We were all so happy we were running about
The human race will never fail.

What is left of the land
Is all burnt leaves and ash.
There was only black charcoal sand and
All the animals made a dash
To find a new home on our lush land.

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