Netball tragedy

YES! We all shout our 15th goal for tonight which Georgia shot most of! Just as everything was going well, I hear this big scream! Oh no it’s Ainsley she has fallen over. I suddenly have a shiver down my spine like a snake slithering up my back, she’s not moving, and everyone is crowding around her. I say to everyone to step back and give her some air, meanwhile Georgia calls the ambulance. Georgia and I then carry Ainsley to the seats and not long after that the ambulance arrived and quickly took Ainsley away form us and onto a bed.

My mum drove Georgia and I to the hospital a few hours later, I was so anxious to see her. We went in and Ainsley was sleeping and she had some bruises on her arms. Then the doctor came in, and Georgia and I sat down.
The doctor then said, “I’m sorry to say, but the accident has caused Ainsley to become a paraplegic” Georgia and I were devastated and so upset. It felt like one of my family members had died or something.

Then Ainsley woke up and the doctor asked, “Would you like to tell Ainsley or do you want me too?”
We said, “No we will tell her”, and then we sat down next to Ainsley on the bed and told her that the accident had made her a paraplegic.
Ainsley started crying and we all had a group hug.

A few weeks later Ainsley got out of hospital and came to us at our game, she was in a wheel chair and we asked her if she would like to come and watch us at our next game she said “What do you mean? I’m going to the Para Olympics!”
“OH MY GOSH” we all say “Really?”
“Yes” says Ainsley
“Congratulations Ainsley!” I say
“I leave tomorrow to go and train,” says Ainsley.

After that we all went to watch Ainsley play and she grew to be the most well known paraplegic netballer. Our team went onto the grand finals and we won!

By Cassie Swann