Many, many years ago there was a young lady named Tapunzel. She lived in the most ugliest castle you’ve ever seen in your life. But they were very happy where they lived.

One cold afternoon Tapunzel’s parents had a fight about going to college. They thought everyone would laugh at her because Tapunzel’s hair was made of six slimy, green, snakes. Tapunzel was mad when they always fight about her hair, but the unhappy girl loved her hair exactly the way it was. She thought it was as beautiful as a butterfly so she didn’t really care.

As the sky turned as black as a crow the young spoilt little brat tiptoed out of the dark, tall, castle. She was sick and tired of her parents always screaming about her hair so she ran away and left all her worries behind.

Tapunzel started to feel a bit drowsy. She finally found a place where she could sleep. The night went by quickly and the sun rose as quick as lightning. She gently opened her eyes to see where she was. She was in a very dark and quiet place. After a few minutes she figured it out, she was in a tall tower with one window to look outside and for some fresh air.

After a few days she heard a buzzing sound. The sound came closer and closer to the window. She peeked through the window and saw a fairy. The fairy had long, golden hair, she was wearing a little, pink, silky gown. The fairy’s name was Fairy Good Shoes. Her wings were flapping like a dragonfly. She started talking to Tapunzel, she put a spell on her and she waved her magic wand and said these words “If anyone looks into your eyes they will fall deeply in love with you, but if they lie they will die!” Then she flew away.

The next morning a handsome man named Prince Mole was on his horse Phillip, looked at the tall, ugly tower. “Hello!” he called out, “Is anybody there?” Then suddenly Tapunzel looked out the window and then went back in and remembered that if anyone looked into her eyes they would fall deeply in love.

Tapunzel looked out again and the Prince of course fell deeply in love with Tapunzel even though her hair was made of snakes! He didn’t even bother to think that she was ugly. He kept on staring at her.

Prince Mole called out “Throw down your beautiful hair!” She threw down her hair and he climbed up. When he climbed up he found himself in his worst nightmare. Do you know why? I know why because her hair was not beautiful at all.

Based on the story Rapunzel

By Ramiya Abdulha