Max'sday at the zoo

The alarm clock rang, and a hand slammed it down
Max woke up, frowning, ’cause he’d lost his mum’s crown,
But a smile appeared, and it replaced the large frown,
Max said, “ It’s the day!! Were going to the zoo in town”

Max loved the zoo, and it was cool going there,
He thought it was the best place ANYWHERE,
Max looked at the zebra’s, and the polar bear,
And he loved the lion’s great, frizzy mare.

His mum went as well, and as a special treat,
There was a show about what tigers eat,
Max volunteered to help with the meat,
Then the tiger lunged, not just for a greet.

In the tiger’s stomach poor little Max got to,
This place was putrid, and really quite hot too,
Because this happened, Max’s mum sued the zoo,
Her face was wet, from being so blue.