Sally and the huge leap from fear

“I’m so proud of you Sally.” Harold, Sally’s father said with enthusiasm as he gave her a pat on the back. “It was a nice day at the gymnasium today.” He said. They drove down a twisty turny road.
“I have to say Sam and I did very well today, dad.” Sally pulled out the medallion again. This is going to have to be put on my wall of achievements. They were laughing hard and Harold didn’t look at the road and BANG!

The next day Sally woke up in hospital. She was panicking
“Where’s Dad, where’s Dad?”
The nurses came rushing to calm her down. When they got her calmed down enough they announced
“Your Father is in a coma.” “And your horse has . . . . . died.”
“What happened?” “Did this all happen?” asked Sally crying like tomorrow would never come.
“You were in a car accident and hit a cow. The car rolled about three times.” replied a nurse hugging Sally. She sat up in her bed a bit more and groaned, “Where’s my leg!” That day Sally lost two of her best friends and her right leg that day.

Three weeks later she got out of hospital with a wheelchair. She went to live with her mother who was very supporting. Sally pleaded her mother to see the car. So they went to a car junkyard. When Sally saw the smashed, mashed up car she burst into tears. Her mother Mary didn’t know what to do but hug her. Sally shrugged away and said with pride

“Mum, … I’m not going to be afraid of any thing any more, I’m not going to be.” Mary fought her tears away and treasured those words forever.

That night Mary took Sally out for tea.
“Mum, I want to take up a new sport, since I can’t ride any more.” They ate steak and talked all night.
“How about quoits?” expressed Mary.
“No.” Sally said in a sigh.
“Wheelchair racing, maybe?” Mary flickered back.
“I know!” Sally screeched out. “Wheelchair basketball!”
“Oh yes that would be good for you, because you will be in this wheelchair for a while.” Mary gobbled. They ordered a divine desert that they enjoyed with Sally dreaming of basketball.

Mary did some research into wheelchair basketball late that night for Sally’s benefits. She found a near by place that played it.

First thing the next day Mary told Sally she was going to give her a surprise. Mary blindfolded Sally and took her to Wheelchair basketball. Sally was that excited hugged her mother and wheeled slowly over to the entrance. Sally peeked through the door and saw lots of other kids in her condition and slowly wheeled in. Sally joined the club to play every Wednesday after noon.

In the end Sally played against other teams. She loved the sport and never again thought of her past.

The End


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