Today I am home. I am in the lounge room watching T.V. On the T.V. I see a competition. It is netball. I always wanted to play netball. I go to the kitchen so I can ask mum and dad if I can enter the competition.
But first I have to practice. I ask my mum and dad if I can do netball. Mum and dad say yes.
The next day I get to do netball. I think to myself that I can’t do it.
Someone comes to me and says, “Why are you worried?”
“I can’t do it,” I say.
“Don’t worry.”
“I’m okay, now. Netball doesn’t look that bad. It’s okay.”
When I played netball I met a boy.
“What is your name?” I say.
“My name is E.J.”
Me and E.J. play with each other and we start to be friends. A boy comes up to me and he pinches E.J. Then he goes away.
Netball ends and E.J. has to go. I become good at netball. I go home.
The competition opens today. I have to go inside. When we played it was great. I did the last goal. I shot the ball in the net and I scored a goal! Our team won!
When I went back, I kept on looking at the trophy.

Written by Joyce Intong.