I can't beleive it happened to me!!!!!

Hi my name is Daniel and I'm a basketball player. On Saturday night my team played a game of basketball. My number is 6 and that’s a professional basketball player’s number. His name is Martin Catalini and he played for the Adelaide Pura Milk 36ers.

If you were wondering about where I am I'm at the Barossa Valley Recreation Centre and we are playing Barossa Valley. When they scored a basket my team got the ball in quickly to me and I drove it at them. They got ready in defence but I just weaved though all of them and got a basket but someone pushed me and I hit the floor lying on my side.

I got two foul shots and I got them both. I couldn’t walk It hurt so much that I had to limp off the court. My dad asked me “Are you alright Daniel”? I replied “yeah”. Well I’m never going to get pushed over again because that hurt big time. OUCH!!!!