V8 super car championship

It’s the 2005 V8 Super Car Championship, everyone’s here bright and early at Sandown. The Holden and Ford teams are setting up for the big race. Its 7 o’clock, the gates are open and there’s already hundreds of spectators here. Everybody knows its going to be a spectacular day. First out are the Brute Utes, SS V8’s. This is a 3-lap race, there are 10 cars. The green flag waves, they’re off. In 1st, Michael Ralph in 2nd Brad Harrison, in 3rd Tim Van Der Laan and 4th Thomas Ballard. They go around the first corner, Harrison tries to overtake Ralph but fails. It happens again on each turn, until on the last lap, Van Der Laan comes up from 3rd and overtakes Harrison, he’s in 2nd , Van Der Laan and Ralph are side by side! Van Der Laan goes into last gear, picks up to 250km/h and wins the race! Such excitement.

For the second race it’s the Porches, same as the last race folks 3 laps and 10 cars. There goes the green flag again. In first 1st there’s Brandon Sawyer 2nd there’s Tom Field in 3rd there’s Tim Uren and 4th there’s Brenton Foley. They all do a burnout and the race is underway. Tom passes Brandon and takes 1st place, Tom keeps his place while Brenton skids on the last lap into the sand and drops way back to last place. It’s a mighty fight to the finish but Brandon gains his place and wins it.

Next racing are the Monaro’s, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and Mclaren’s. In pole position in the Ferrari 550 LM is Sean Rigby, in 2nd place in the McLaren F1 LM, Adam Gazzola, in 3rd Joel Hutchison in the Holden Monaro and in 4th in the Lamborghini Diablo Brady Napthine. On the first two laps it stays the same until from last place on the last lap, Brady comes up in the Lamborghini Diablo and wins, what speed.

And now folks for just a bit of fun, it’s the stunt cars, the HSV GTS COUPES with twin turbo engines. Here they come folks, they are going to do a donut. And now it’s a huge burnout and folks, this is going to be good, they’re up on two wheels and hanging out the window.
Folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the 2005 V8 SUPER CAR CHAMPIONSHIP. The drivers are lining up. In 1st , Mark Skaife and in 2nd Marcus Ambrose. This is a 5 lap super-race. The green flag waves, they’re off! Skaifey holds his position for the first two laps and then Ambrose passes him on the first corner of the 3rd lap. He holds his position. On the last lap on the straight, they are side by side. They’re both in top gear! Skaifey floors the Holden and wins! The crowd goes wild! Skaife goes up triumphantly and gets his trophy. That is it for another year.



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