Happiest happy land meets clean land and dirty land!

One Day Mr.Happy was having a week off to go to Clean Land.He heard that it was so clean and it was so shiny it was shinier than the stars,but next to it was Dirty land,it was so dirty no one lives there except for the mayor Mr.Dirty Wirty, he invented the toilet.The mayor of Clean land was Mr.Cleany Clean, he invented the vaccuum!After he arrived he cleaned himself straight away then he saw Dirty Land "EWWWW!" said Mr.Happy. "Whats wrong?"said Mr.Cleany Clean."Your lands is great but that other one is horrible!"said Mr.Happy."I want him to move his land but he won't and my people don't want to move either and I can't get him cleaning!" whinged Mr.Cleany Clean."I'll help you!" said Mr.Happy heroically!Mr.Happy and Mr.Cleany Clean went to see Mr.Dirty Wirty to get him clean himself."Whats up guys?"said Mr.Dirty Wirty."We want you to get cleaning!yelled Mr.Cleany Clean and Mr.Happy.Then suddenly POOF!Miss.Maggie Magic appeared"Oh no I did it again!" said Miss.Maggie Magic."Whats wrong?"said Mr.Happy."My wand is old and needs oil!"said Miss.Maggie"Do you have any?I would grant you 2 wishes!"said Miss Maggie Magic."OK"said Mr.Happy and Mr.Cleany Clean.So they gave Miss.Maggie Magic the oil and their 1st wish was that Mr.Dirty Wirty would always clean,when messy or dirty.Their 2nd wish was that the 2 lands would join and be The Cleaniest Clean Land.Then straight away Mr.Dirty Wirty started to clean.After that Mr.Happy could have a relaxing holiday! The End!


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