Wind blowing through palm leaves is one of my favorite sounds.

Hiking, biking, their all some of my favorite hobbies.

Birds are magnificant, fish are strange. These are just some of the animals I like to watch on my hike.

Finding hidden animals is so exciting.

When you walk into the water, splashing agaist your legs, you feel the excitment of having a net in your hand.

Standing on top of an observaton tower, you can see all of animals below you like tiny ants.

Standing on the edge of a canyon, you can feel all of the excitment and your stomach feels jittery.

Going camping in the middle of a forest is my idea of fun.

Hearing birds sing, frogs croak, bee's buzz, are very enchanting sounds.

Whether hiking in nature, or in a park, I'll still love doing it.

Observing nature, I think is the best way to expirence it.

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