H is for hero

Helena awoke to a deafening scream, obviously coming from her parent’s quarters. The scream suddenly ended, leaving Helena empty, letting her slip into the deep, dark abyss beyond.

Her brother Matthias woke her with violent shakes, his screams burying into the deepest corners of her mind. It took Helena a long to realise what he was saying, but when she did she jumped into action, her small feet slapping loudly on the ice-cold pavers.

When she finally arrived at their bedroom, she found that their bed was empty and their covers were thrown roughly onto the floor. She collapsed beside their bed fighting back tears, until finally she let in, her sobs echoing throughout the house. Matthias and Helena sat in silence until Helena stood up, ran out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, collecting some rations her parents prepared earlier and then she headed for the barn, where she packed two saddle bags and prepared the horses.

Matthias ran after her, screaming “where are you going? Are you crazy? They might still be out there”

Helena ignored his remarks and ran straight on to the armoury, about to select some weapons when someone jumped out from behind a pillar and grabbed her hair, covered her mouth, Then tapped the ground with something Helena could not make out, and then he jumped into the ground, and to Helena’s surprise, he sailed down smoothly.

Matthias arrived at the armoury soon after Helena disappeared, he couldn’t help punching the wall, he could not escape his rage. All his family had been kidnapped and he would be too, sooner than he thought.

Helena found herself in a small cage and could not understand why she was there. She had been hit on the head while she was travelling through the porthole and was knocked unconscious. Although there was no light in the room where she was captive her eyes quickly developed and shone a bright purple, shedding light over the nearby cages. She recognised two of the 13 or so figures as her parents and soon tried to communicate with them, but as soon as she said one word every one turned, their fingers on their pursed lips, worry showing on their face. Helena had no idea what was happening.

Meanwhile, Matthias stumbled upon the porthole, and without thinking jumped into it, he landed abruptly and found that he was in a very dark room, its only light was coming from the far left corner, and it was purple. He ran over and studied the small figure in the metallic cage, it was his sister and in the nearby cages he recognised his parents. he stumbled over to helena’s cage and tried untying the binding, but it was too tight, and that was when he remembered he had his sword with him, he quickly slashed at the binding. Helena stumbled out and he did the same to his parents cages, once again united the family stumbled home, happy to be together again.



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