Falling over the cliff

Hello my name is Jane and I’m a famous snowboarder. I live in Calgary Canada. I’ve snowboarded in the winter Olympics and lots more compations. I’ve broken lots of bones and came really close to dying but I’m still very keen about snowboarding.

Until one day…

I was just happily snowboarding and here comes a horrific person that doesn’t know what he’s doing and I was close to the top of a cliff as well. He came as fast as he could and smashed right into me.

I went falling over the cliff as this person is still snowboarding sooo fast. He was yelling at someone down the bottom of the hill so he didn’t even here me screaming. When I got down the bottom of the cliff I had lots of broken bones, Neck and Brain damage.

Everyone was yelling and saying, “ How lucky I am to be alive and here.” My parents were at the bottom of the cliff having a hot Chocolate with my sisters and brother: bother 10, Sister 7 and other Sister 2. They were all in tears and very upset. While my mum was with me my dad went to see if he could find the boy that crashed into me.

There was an ambulance that came to collct me.My parents came in the car behind me. I had stopped breathing for 2 minuites but they helped me to keep breathing on an oxagain tank.

They gave me medication and x-rays. I got told that I had to get a couple of operations ASAP. They told me that I would have a frame holding up my head , but luckily only for 4 months. They had told me that , “I hope you had a good time on my snowboard because I won’t be ale to go on it anymore.” I said “ what, that’s not fair.” They say, “ you will be in the hospital for a couple of weeks and in the wheel chair for quiet a while, well probably the rest of your life.”

10 days later I stopped breathing…

They took me in for my twelfth operation. They had tubes going down my thought and up my nose and lots of other places. My parents got the number of the person that crashed into me. They called them and told them to come in and see what their son had done to me. They told my parentsthat “ they would pay for all the expenxces for my funeral if I died and my medical taxes and even a little left over.

About three days later I died. It was really sad. I was only at the age of fifteen. It was tooo sad for my sibalings and especially my parents.

I had a short lifespan of fifteen years from 1990-2005. I had my funeral on the 17th of April 2005. It was really sad.

By Krista Pankhurst Currumbin State School!!


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