Hannah's fable

Hannah’s Fable

Christopher the mouse sat in his favourite Saturday morning place, hidden by the green gum leaves. Today he was very sad because all of his friends had found jobs, but he hadn’t.

Christopher walked gloomily out the front of his house and picked up the paper. He sat down on the nearest rock and started to read.
“Nothing very exciting” he said out loud. Christopher was about to stop
reading when something caught his eye!

Help needed at the cheese factory. If interested please call 5421 MOUSEVILLE.

Suddenly Christopher didn’t feel so sad anymore. He dropped the newspaper and ran to the phone. As Christopher dialed 5421 MOUSEVILLE, he thought about having a big cheese party on Friday night. Since he thought he was going to get the cheese job he could brings heaps of cheese back for everyone. This is going to be the best party of the year.

“Hello” said someone on the other end.
“Hi, um I want to work at the cheese factory” Christopher said nervously.
“Yes, please leave your phone number, address and why you want the job. On Friday morning come to the cheese factory and you’ll find out if you got the job.”
“Of course I’ll get the job.” Christopher stated confidently.

The next morning Christopher woke up very early. He wanted to get to the shop early and buy the invitations for his party. When he got there he had the choice of some cheap homemade cards, or really nice expensive ones. Without any hesitation he got the expensive ones.

As soon as he got home he started writing them out. They said: Come to Christopher the Mouse’s Cheese Party! It will be at my house from 6pm-9pm.In celebration of my job at the cheese factory.

Christopher ran very excitedly to the post box. He put them in and ran back home.

On Friday morning Christopher walked to the cheese factory. When he got there he walked straight to the mouse receptionist.
“Hi” she said.
“Hi, I’m here for the Cheese factory job.”
“What’s your name?” she asked.
“Christopher,” he replied modestly.
“Sorry, you didn’t get the job.”

As Christopher walked out of the cheese factory all he could think about was how he was going to tell his guests that there was no cheese.
“How embarrassing” he said out loud.

Don’t count your chickens until they’re hatched!


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