Girlz n guyz

Girls are keen, Guys are mean.
Girls are hot, Guys are not.
Girls are strong, Guys are always wrong.
Girls like pink, Guys stink.
Girls are quick, Guys are sick.
Girls are nice, Guys have lice.
Girls are sweet, Guys have smelly feet.
Girls smell like flowers, Guys don't have showers.
Girls each have a friend, Guys will get one in the end.
Girls are tough, Guys are rough.
Girls all rule, Guys aren't cool.
Girls sing in the rain, Guys don't have a brain.
Girls have good moods, Guys are really rude.
Girls are talkers, Guys are stalkers.
Girls love color, Guys are duller.
Guys have a friend now..cause it's the end now....GIRLS RULE!!

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