Omaha beach

We are on the beach, I can’t hear myself think
Bullets are all around, cowering near the brink

Many reach the barbed wire, halfway up the beach
But others are left behind, the fence they didn’t reach

We cannot proceed further, the fence a sharp blockade
“Blow it out the way!” now all our doubts fade

“We’re in business boys!” we heard the captain cry
“Shoot the buggers down, Stay here and you’ll die”

Running up the bank, shooting as we climb
The Germans are upon us, it is now their time

Surrender you dirty scum, rifles at the ready
Bravery in us all, trigger finger steady

On this Norman beach, many men have died
The blood of my brothers, that stood by my side

They’ll never be forgotten, the men that fought this way
They’ll always be remembered, all of them on D-day

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