Taken away - a special moment for divali


In a monstrous tower covered with vines lived a beautiful Indian princess who was forever cursed by an evil spell. The only way for the spell to be broken was for Divali to be kissed by her true love, Anu. It seemed simple enough for the spell to be broken but, unfortunately, Divali took a powerful Indian oath, forced upon her by her parents, to marry Prince Iqbal of Mumbai. Sadly, Prince Iqbal was a greedy and selfish man and the only reason why Suleika and Mohammed wanted their daughter to marry him was because his parents where in possession of the Sacred Jewel of India. Little did Suleika and Mohammed know that Sultan Vindaloo and his wife stole the precious jewel from Princess Indrani of New Delhi.

A few years ago when Divali was merely a teenager, she and her parents had lived peacefully in the tower they once called home, but ever since Suleika and Mohammed perished during a cholera epidemic Divali had lived up in the tower miserably by herself. Every day Divali would gaze out the tiny window and wait longingly for Anu to come and rescue her from the tower which was guarded by flying poisonous three-tongued Indian serpents. Along came Anu everyday riding on his camel, Istan, and every time he came to visit his princess he would proudly shout the words: “Someday I will rescue you,” and then he would ride away into the hot, steamy Indian night before the serpents had a chance to swoop down and attack him with their deadly poisonous saliva.

Anu lived in a grand fairytale castle surrounded by little dark-skinned mermaids and floating purple seaweed under the Indian Ocean. Each day Anu would sit on his glistening golden throne and think of a way to free his goddess. Most of the time Anu’s ideas were unrealistic but today seemed different somehow. Soon after this thought Anu mounted his magical winged unicorn and flew to the shark-tooth cave to ask Wizard Houdini a favour.

“What do you want?,” asked an eerie voice from deep inside the cave.
“It is I, Anu. I have come to ask a favour. I, I, I need your magic fighting sword. I need it to free my true love from some ferocious serpents.”
“ Hmm, let me think for a moment,” spoke the Wizard.
“The sword is yours, but be careful.”
“ My deepest gratitude!”, replied Anu as he rode his faithful unicorn to Princess Divali’s tower.

Up he flew to the princess’s window, swinging the silver sword killing the devilish serpents. The serpents screamed a blood-curdling screech as they lifelessly dropped to the ground.

In no time Anu and Divali got on the snowy white unicorn and rode off into the Indian twilight. A moment later in the sweltering spicy atmosphere Anu and Princess Divali kissed to seal their undying love for each other and they lived happily ever after. Divali was free from the curse at last.


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