E.vil visions

E.Vil Visions

I was sitting in bed late last night, reading comics under the doona when my wristwatch/secret spy device started vibrating and flashing. I quickly flipped the lid up and read “SuperSpy required at Big Ben! URGENT!” So I changed out of my P.J’s and grabbed my rocketpack before opening my window and flying out of my 38th storey apartment, and over the millions of New York sky scrapers that filled the city.
With the beautiful clear night, and my extremely powerful engine, I got to London in less than 5 minutes! I landed at the very top of Big Ben’s spire and used my suction-pads to climb right to the edge of the roof. I unzipped my SuperSpy backpack and got out my x-ray vision goggles. Using these, I saw through the ceiling of the famous Big Ben, and into the buildings interior. I searched the whole floor, but all I could see was the clock’s machinery. Pressing the button on the side of my goggles labelled ‘down’ I started to search the next level. And the next, and the next. I was down to the ground floor and all I had seen was a sleepy security guard and some funny silicone looking stuff that seemed to seal all the windows and doors when I heard a sneering voice behind me. “ So, you still think your little home-made gadgets- if you can call them that- will save the world?”
“Iam E.Vil?” I managed to squeak out. “Aren’t you just a cartoon character?” He laughed a loud booming laugh that sent shivers crawling up and down my spine. “Of course not! How else could I be here now?” He laughed again. Iam E.Vil is a famous cartoon character. He features in almost every magazine, and his creator is even richer than the Queen! He is The Worst, most evil person in the world, and here I was, alone, on top of the Big Ben, face to face with him. And he didn’t look quite the type to let me off just because I was a kid!
While I stood thinking of an escape plan, he was watching me with a smirk on his face. “See this button?” he asked, pulling a small remote control from his pocket, “when I press it, a shield will surround this building, trapping you and me inside it. I cried out “NO!” and launched myself into the air, but he was too quick! I was thrown back and just managed to grab the edge of the roof! I swung my legs wildly. “Jackpot” I exclaimed, as I found a window and swung myself through it.
I closed the window to stop Iam coming in, then turned around to see him standing right there! This man was scary!!! “ I think I’m finished with you!” he said as he walked toward the window I’d just entered. I also noticed that it was the only one not sealed with silicone. “Bye! Have a nice swim!” and he climbed out of the window and hovered outside it using his jetpack.
As I watched in confusion, he retrieved a gun-type thing from his bag, used it to seal the window from the outside, then flew off.
The building was completely airtight! But the bottom storey was covered in water! I wasn’t sure where it was coming from, but it was coming quickly! I ran back upstairs and tried everything to break the window, but the shield had closed in now, so nothing worked! Soon the water was up to the top level!!! With a sinking sensation, I realized what he had meant about “swimming”! I was now completely wet, and having to tread water! As my head bumped the ceiling, I closed my eyes.
Almost immediately they were opened again by force! I blinked as my surroundings came into focus. What? How could I be in bed in my suburban house? What happened to New York and Big Ben? “Matthew! You wet da bed!” cried my baby sister Emily. “Oh Matthew!” sighed my mother, “Really! You are almost 12, and you still wet the bed!”
I grinned sheepishly, “ummm…..”



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