Jacob's bad skiing wipe-out

Jacob’s Bad Skiing Wipe-Out

The gondola reached the top,
And I am filled with glee,
Finally I am out,
Getting ready to ski!

I have my skies, poles, and gloves on,
Getting ready to start,
Now I am on the go,
Like a big red spark.

I am zooming down the mountain,
Wanting to hit a jump,
Finally I see one, and
It looks like a monstrous bump.

I go flying off of it,
Soaring into the sky,
It made my heart really jump,
And almost made me die.

Now I am landing really weird,
Trying to stay on my feet,
But then I loose control,
And SMACK! I got beat!

I’m flying down the hill crying,
Trying to watch for a ,
At last I made it down,
Before I broke my back.


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