Safe place

T use to feel so secure in a place they said was mature but one day it left me and set me where i should be i wish i could go back, go back and be free.
This place i say it was a dream it told me i could when i wanted to scream. It never left me or called me names it told me i was beautiful when i thought it was insain
It once locked me and kept me locked in, it held me whenever i needed the streanght from within
It told me i didn't need him whenever i wanted to be free it told me i was ok it told me i was free I wish this wonderful place wouldn't have lied to me
but one day it was ok and i didnt return and oneday security took and aful turn
I thought it was ok I thought it was fine but then the stress took over my mynd
I wanted to go back i wanted to return but the place locked its gates and left me with a no return
I thought it loved me i thought it cared but one day i had left it so was it I that did not care?