Frizegeler Awaits

1st in the 'Fantasy And Beyond 1998' competition

The icy walls of the castle that stood in front of her glistened in the light of the gloaming. Its frozen spires reached towards the stars in the winter sky as if to steal them, then destroy their flickering light for all eternity and plunge the cold world of Frapper into darkness. There were no moons. Frizegeler had taken them away along with Her worlds’ warmth a long time ago. She took the Ring of Soleil and had one last look at it. She slipped it back into the black, velvet pouch that hung from the belt that kept her cloak closed against the wind that whistled around her. It whispered to her the cold, dark secrets that came from before Frizegeler had created time. The other rescuers had listened to it. They were now insane, hunched in corners speaking of the cold.
‘Frizegeler awaits.’

She walked over the hard ground to the castle. The frost on the ground melted away from her warmth. The ice door she pushed open protested with a series of sharp, cracking noises that echoed through the silent halls of the palace. She came to the Atrium of Hallali, she knew that Frizegeler was beyond the door she faced. When she looked in she saw the moons of Frapper trapped in an orbit around the tall, frozen throne of Frizegeler. All this was trapped under a fragile looking dome of thin, blue ice. Frizegeler sat on the throne with a look of pure calm over face. Frizegeler stood. She was extremely tall and thin. A frosty blue gown clung to her body. He skin was whiter than the snow that covered the lands that She ruled over. Her eyes were large and cold piercing blue. Her narrow lips had the same blue tint as those of a person drowned. Icicles hung from the long, white hair that hung down Her back.

‘You have no power!’ the rescuer screamed. ‘Then how have I accomplished all this?’ Frizegeler waved her frozen hand at the moons. ‘How would I with no power have managed to achieved all this?’ ‘I have the ring, I would destroy you.’ The rescuers’ fear was hidden under her determination. ‘Then I will have to come to an agreement with you. I will give you this world in return for the ring. You will be free to restore its warmth and place the moons back in the sky from whence they came.’ Frizegeler looked at the rescuer questioningly.

‘If I give you the ring you will destroy the other worlds you could not access before.’ ‘True.’ The Queen looked at the rescuer thoughtfully, ‘the others would have simply handed over the ring and snatched this world away from me.’ ‘You will burn in the deepest of all hells.’ With that the rescuer placed the ring between her lips and kissed the dome. Warmth travelled through the dome and the Ice Place and throughout the lands. Frizegeler, the dome and the palace melted to nothingness. They found the rescuer lying in a bed of wildflowers. He was the only cold thing left in Frapper.


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