The Famous Earthling

2nd in the 'Imagine That! 1999' competition

Lendex sighed as she heard the wake up bell which sounded around the Binoog Boarding school. Lendex is a short girl with light green hair and yellowish black skin she comes from the planet Leon (which is the second most advanced planet in all of the 3,000,000,000 Solar Systems.) Lendex is now at boarding school on Venag (which is the second most primitive planet, and if any Earthlings are reading this guess what..... your planet’s the most primitive.)

Lendex was still in bed when the headmaster came charging into her dormitory yelling ‘Come on, come on, you’re going to be late for the excursion!!’ Lendex’s brain suddenly triggered, of course! She thought, today for science we’re travelling to earth, to abduct an earthling and study it. How could I forget!

Three hours later Lendex and her class were sitting in their colourtful module travelling to Earth.

When they got there it was nightime so no one was around, they found a child asleep. On the count of three they all blasted their stun guns at him. Then some of the class grabbed the Earthling child and took him to the module. As soon as they locked him in the glass cage the Earthling woke up and started screaming for help.

‘Ok students we will first test how long an Earthling can stay alive without Oxygen’ said the science teacher. You’re probably wondering how on Leen they were going to find out how long an Earthling can live without air without killing it. Well, just a couple of months ago a scientist from the planet Argoner made a liquid which could bring any Earthling back to life.

Anyway, the children helped their teacher carry the rather wriggly Earthling into an airless container and sealed the lid. It took exactly five minutes for the Earthling to die. They undertook lots of experiments all with interesting results. One thing they discovered was that it took a 50 Linged lazer gun to kill an Earthling when it only took a 13 Linged lazer to kill someone from Venag. After they finished with it the Earthling was sold to a man for 20 Venag dollars [90 Earth dollars]. The man [who came from the planet Negogest], gave the earthling to his son ,who had always wanted a pet Earthling.

Two weeks later, Lendex was sitting in class with a dry throat because she’d forgotten her drink bottle. Her throat was getting worse so she put her hand up and asked if she could get a drink. ‘Hurry up’ the teacher snapped. So Lendex ran the 50 metres to the tap....... and that’s when the meteor struck!

Meanwhile, the Earthling was having his dinner which was usually corn and ham sandwiches, but today he was having corn and cheese sandwiches. It just so happened that the Earthling was allergic to cheese, so when it ate them he started sneezing. None of the people in all the 3,000,000,000 Solar Systems had ever seen a human sneeze. So, in came the reporters and scientists from every planet all wanting to know where the Earthling had originally come from. They learnt that it had come from year 5 at Binoog School where unfortunately a small meteor had struck the classroom killing everyone except Lendex.

When the reporters found lander, she was in hospital with a broken leg thanks to the meteor. The reporters and scientists then offered Lendex 10 billion Venag dollars if she told them her story and you’ve just finished reading it.


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