Fairytales Of A Broken Girl

Once upon a time
There was a little girl
Stuck inside a castle
Where hatred ruled her world

As with in all fairytales
There was a wicked witch
Holding her hostage
Treating her just like a bitch

The witch was so repulsive
She had black eyes full of rage
Her love was never compulsive
But was there at one stage

This little girl became
So unsure of many things
Would she ever love, laugh. Smile
Or just be “it’s” offspring

She hoped this would never happen
Yet it still scared her in so many ways
She wanted to be her own person
Never let her caring touch decay

Then suddenly one day after so much hate
This little girl could stand no more
Her brightly lit face
Had turned to the floor

Always keeping hidden
Like she had something to hide
But all she was hiding from
Was the witch that kept her inside.

She became invisible
To the rest of the world
Living how she was
Was like living in the underworld

After years had gone by
The little girl was all grown up
Yet still keeping hidden
But finally now she’d had enough

She packed up
Left for good
She got beaten once again
But this time still she stood

She knew now
This wasn’t right
So she turned around
And began to fight

Began to fight
Their last contest
The ending of it all
To see who comes off best

The end was now here
The girl had finally won
As she walked out the door
She whispered back “goodbye forever, I love you mum”


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