Automobiles, crowded markets, conversations; peculiar triteness,
subsequently a scream, piecing the heart and foreboding the mind.
Terror reigns: sirens, debris, tanks, detonations; normality reinstates.
Ammunition and stones– armaments for the transgressors and transgressed.
Fugitives swarm deficit of an objective,
Amidst the path, entrapped by rubble, a father and his only legacy lie.
One occupied by a sorrowful eminence, claimed by melancholy.
The other, a vacant guise, with an abyss fostering a river of crimson,
an indelible image of the realm of the indefinite’s embrace.
The former wails blasphemy, a face stained with incessant tears.
Fleeing are the anaesthetised– insensitivity proliferates.
Nevertheless one perceives his cries of mercy ringing thunderously.
An inexorable flame blazes, permeating seditious anguish,
brows undulate with antipathy; stones are the rite to passage of vengeance.
A generation and its sensibility are plagued–a torn chapter,
pages systematically written and then discarded...