Lake Dejavu

I am dying of boredom; my parents are dragging me out to some place called Lake Tinaroo. I have to spend 2 weeks with my family who are all so excited about going camping. Don’t get me wrong: I love nature a lot but spending it with family isn’t very thrilling. They are all singing some driving song. God, I can’t wait till this is over and I can disappear into the bush.
We are finally at Lake Tinaroo. I quickly put up my tent, put all of my stuff in it and informed my parents what I was doing and I was gone before they could object. I found a really nice, secluded spot, sat down and started to draw pictures of the lake, landscape and wildlife. It was getting dark when I decided to go home; I was rushing back so I didn’t see the root sticking up from the ground. I tripped and everything scattered. I just lay there with my eyes shut, telling myself off. I then opened them to green eyes surrounded by curly brown hair and a smiling tanned face. He helped me up and we collected all of my things. By the end Collin and I were talking like old friends. We walked back to my camp and said goodbye. After tea I said goodnight and retired to my tent.
The next morning I went for a jog followed by a swim. At the lake I saw Collin with some mates and waved them over. We all introduced ourselves and started to splash around in the water. I made some really good friends that day. We spent the day hanging out and talking; that was really all I did for the next 12 days. The next night someone was organising a bonfire. We spent the day helping him set up the fire. He said it would be huge.
That night was awesome. We had tons of stuff to do and lots to eat and drink. By 1.00 people were leaving so it was only my friends and I. We then split up and Collin walked me back to my camp. Collin turned to say goodbye and instead gave me a kiss. It wasn’t much but it was wonderful; I hadn’t realised I liked him this way. I was really going to miss him and everyone else when I leave tomorrow.
It was sad saying goodbye to everyone, especially Collin. I had all of their numbers and email addresses but it wouldn’t be the same without them. For the next few days I relived my holiday and missed my friends terribly. I kept thinking on my first day at school that I would see Collin, but I didn’t. Then one day I was rushing to class when I fell over and dropped everything. I sat there with paper all around me when I heard a laugh. I looked up into a pair of twinkling green eyes, brown hair and a laughing tanned face.

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