Falling Star Fantasy

I always wondered what it was like to catch a falling star. It's silly, but that's how it got started. That night, I went down to my backyard, and waited for it. Then, a zooming light was in the night sky, and I ran over to catch it. I did just in time! The star was in my hands, shining. The star was very warm and slowly I began to rise in the sky. I could see everyone's houses, and I sailed across the night. There were festivals, and people sleeping, or taking dogs out for a walk. All of a sudden, I began falling down, down to the hard earth, when everything became a blur. I woke up, hearing the steady tick-tock echo around the room. It was all a dream. I pulled the covers over my head and vowed never to go near a falling star again, because, who knows? Maybe dreams DO come true!


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