Bablean Myth

On a beautiful sunny day, a young boy named Jake Crane was playing at the park with his friend Billy Bones. They were best friends. Jake was wearing a special crystal necklace. When they were playing Jake saw a very shiny light.
“What in the world is that” said Jake sounding surprised.
“I don’t know but we better get home” said Billy. So they hurried home.
When they got to Billy’s house, they went inside into the lounge room where Billy’s dad John was sitting on the couch watching the T.V. Billy asked his dad,
“There’s a strange light outside, what is it dad?”
“I’m not sure son but I’ll go and find out” said John in interest. He called out to his wife. “Christie can you get my Babology book please.”
“Sure honey” said Christie from the kitchen. When Christie went to John’s laboratory she saw something she had never seen before. A robotic T-Rex that was the size of a rat lay on the table. She found it odd but ignored it and got the Babology book and went into the lounge. When Christie left the laboratory the T-Rex grew larger and its eyes went red. Christie handed the Babology book to her husband, which he opened. He knew what the light was straight away.
“The star of growth” John said.
“What does that mean” said Jake sounding frightened.
“This represents an event in which one item is chosen. It grows and tries to destroy everything in its path.” said John in a weird voice. “One person is chosen to destroy this growing thing” he continued.
“Do you know who will be chosen?” said Jake.
“I’m not sure” said John.
“Well I better get home” said Jake.
“I’ll see you at school tomorrow” said Billy.
“Ok, bye” said Jake as he was leaving the house. When John went to return the Babology book he saw the T-Rex and it was the size of a full grown dog. It was roaring,
“I will destroy you all.”
When Jake got home his parents weren’t there. He went into the backyard. He checked the whole house, but they still were nowhere to be found.
“Where are they” said Jake. John tried to call Jake, but no one answered because Jake had just left. When Jake went into the street someone bumped him.
“Excuse me, what’s happening?” said Jake. When the two people turned around it was his parents.
“Son, there is a T-Rex running around the streets” said his mum Nina.
“Watch out!!!” said his dad Jin. The T-Rex was coming towards them and then a bright light shined on Jake. Jake rose into the air and turned into a very brave warrior. He’s name was “The Great.” He ran towards the T-Rex and just as the T-Rex opened its mouth he jumped right into it.
“What did he do?” said his dad. The T-Rex suddenly stopped and exploded.
“Oh no” said Nina to Jin. From that day everything changed.