Sally And The New School!

"Help" screamed Sally as she ran from her bullies at her school.
Sally had no friends at all therefore everybody at her school were her bullies."Mum" Sally said as she got home, "can I move schools", "ok" said Sally's mother, Tina.
The next week Sally got dressed in her new school uniform and went to her new school where she hoped to make alot of friends.
When Sally got to her new class she said bye to her mother and went into the classroom.
Sally got seated next to two girls named Hannah and Lucy and they both seemed very nice.
At lunch time Sally sat under an oak tree on her own until...
Hannah, Lucy and another girl named Maddy went up to her and said, "Hello, who are you? our names are Hannah, Lucy and Maddy and we would like to be your friends" Sally was so happy, "I would love to be your friend, I am Sally and I am new to this school" so Hannah, Lucy and Maddy showed her around the school.
When Sally got home she was so happy.
The next day Sally got ready for school but this time she walked to school.
When Sally got into class the teacher said "class, we are moving seats today and these are the people you will be sitting next to, Maddy and Kim, Lucy and Hannah, Tom and Jim, Luke and Crystal, Jason and David, Cath and Nathan, Nick and Danielle, Alex and Samantha and finally Sally and Holly.
A few hours later at lunch Hannah, Samantha, Alex, Maddy, Lucy, Kim and Crystal and then all the boys were playing together so Sally was too scared to ask to play with the other girls since at her old school every one said no so Sally was scared the other girls may say NO and she would be embarresed so she lay low and sat under the shady oak tree.
Soon Holly went over to Sally and said "hi, do you want to play with me today?" "SURE" said Sally loudly.
They were walking around the school getting to know each other until the other group of girls came over and said "hi Holly and Sally want to play tip with us so Sally and Holly ran off since Samantha and Kim were in.
Sally had made lots of friends and never got left out again!


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