Laughter is the first rays of sunshine in the morning,
Laughter is the stars twinkling in the sky.
Laughter is the cosy comfort of your bed,
Laughter is the warm crackle of the fire.
Laughter is like skipping through a meadow,
Laughter is the glisten of morning dew.
Laughter is why you wake up in the morning,
Laughter is what helps you sleep at night.
Laughter is what brings strangers together,
Laughter is what forms great friendships.
Laughter is the cool surge of icy water,
Laughter is the sugary rush of a lolly.
Laughter is smiling so hard you have to squint to make it fit,
Laughter is shared with someone you truly love.
Laughter is the animation of your eyes,
Laughter is a smile dancing on your face.
Laughter says much more than any words could.

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