Lord Give Us Grace

3rd in the 'Calling All Poets 2007' competition

Turning of events moving on through time
Disjointing of two souls, bodies and minds
This practice can sadden ones soul bringing great sorrow
When you’re wanting your today but needing your tomorrow
It can make you uncomfortable and put you out of place
Like an Eskimo in the desert instead of an astronaut in space
So sing to me, sing us your goodbye
Would it not give me wings and enable me to fly
Instead of waiting here counting the tears that I cry
You’re my whisper in the wind leaving me to ask why?
Do not be afraid of what you cannot see
As children are scared of the dark and forever they will be
But do not children muster strength and courage as they continue to grow
As our forever will be strong this fact I'll always know
We need you to continue like an arrow needs its bow
And I will always need you wherever you may go.



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