Everything was so happy,
The world was so bright,
But then you had to go
And with you took the light.
At last you came back to us,
And some of the light returned,
You and mum told us the news,
And it was unfair.
We tried to live with it,
For a while,
But it was always a presence
Following us mile after mile.
You then started fading,
And the world grew dimmer,
Mum started fading
As you grew slimmer.
Towards the end,
I know you always,
Knew that death was round the bend
But I can’t count the ways.
That you fought it,
Till you went,
And I look back
At all those days ill spent.
And sigh why did you have to go,
It’s very sad but,
I know you didn’t want to
Leave us in a rut.
Some good things have come,
Out of all this sadness,
At least we were looked after well
And you knew through the sickness.
That you would have to leave us,
You then prepared us for that day,
And I know for you it was,
Really hard to say,
Goodbye to us,
Goodbye to life,
And finally,
Hello to death.
We will always miss you,
But I know that I will carry on,
Cherishing the memories
That we had for so long.

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