When I was 6 years old I believed that fairies lived in my garden. When I reached the age of 8 these fantasies stopped, however when I turned 13 these fantasies were confirmed.

When people think of fairies they think about little people with wings of a butterfly and magical wands, sparkly dresses and fairy dust. The reality is that fairies aren’t pretty, they don’t have magical wands or fairy dust and most of all they do not have wings like a butterfly (they’re more like a cockroach).

My 13th birthday party is one that I will never forget because that’s the day the fairies attacked.

In the backyard, streamers and balloons hung everywhere, music was blaring from the stereo and all my friends were celebrating. We played heaps of games. When we played treasure hunt, everyone bolted off into the rainforest to look for lollies.

Everyone was being destructive towards the rainforest; plants and flowers were trampled and branches were torn down. I didn’t mind much because it would all grow back, eventually.

After the treasure hunt, we were just about to eat the cake when we heard shouts. As we looked towards the rainforest, thousands of little people came running out. These people were about the size of sparrows and were extremely dirty. They wore clothes made out of bark and they had wings that were brown and rotten. They all carried sharp sticks and small rocks.

“What are they?” someone exclaimed.
“We are the Fairies,” a tiny voice answered.
“The Fairies?” I said, “No way are you people fairies.”
“We are the Fairies and you have angered us,” the same voice bellowed.
“What did we do?” someone asked.
“You have destroyed our homes,” the voice yelled, “now we will destroy yours!”

With that the Fairies jumped into the air and flew towards us. Everyone screamed and ran in all directions; trying to fight off the Fairies that were attacking them. I tried to run but then I heard…


I looked up and ducked just as a flaming rock shot over my head. The Fairies had made a miniature missile launcher out of sticks and leaves. I turned and ran; however a second ‘missile’ was launched and this one hit me in the back. I hit the ground hard and rolled around trying to extinguish the flames.

The little people then used vines to tie me up. They moved so fast, I didn’t have time to stop them. Then they started dragging me into the rainforest. The fairies were extremely strong for their size. I started screaming and a fairy jumped onto my face and shook some gritty powder into my mouth. My eyes went blurry and then everything went black.

Sixty years has passed since that fateful day and everybody still says that I’m crazy. I would like to believe that I am crazy; however there will always be that voice in the back of my mind telling me never to go out into the backyard.


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