Fairy Forgetful

Strange things happen when fairies loose their memory…

One day, in a small suburb called Harvick Hills, a young boy named Robbie was walking down Selstre Street, when he saw something shining in the gutter. When he had a closer look he realised that it was a new, shiny $2 coin! It was made in 2008, it was only 2 months old! He took the coin and ran home.

“Mum! Mum! Look what I found in the gutter!” shouted Robbie. Robbie’s mother looked at the coin. “Wow it was made this year, go put it in the money box granddad gave you.” After dinner Robbie took his coin to his room and took his moneybox off his bedside table and looked inside. Inside there were 5 old coins that he was saving for the Christmas Carnival. He looked at his shiny, new coin and then at the 5 old coins “ I’m not going to put my shiny coin in with my old coins, it would be like me going to live with granddad and his friends forever! So he put it under his pillow instead.

That very night when everyone was fast asleep a mixed up tooth fairy called Ayla was on duty. She was near retirement and her memory was not what it used to be. When she got to Robbie’s house she knew she had to do something with teeth, coins and pillows but she couldn’t remember what. She had just found a shiny coin under Robbie’s pillow but she didn’t know what to do.
“Okay” she whispered.” If he’s got a coin under his pillow, I have to give him a tooth. She reached in her bag and got a big, brown, rotten tooth and slipped it under his pillow and then flew off. The next morning Robbie remembered he had a shiny coin under his pillow. He picked up his pillow to see a rotten tooth. He was so upset he ran to his mother crying. “ Mum! mum! Someone has stolen my coin! All they left was a rotten tooth!” cried Robbie.
Meanwhile in Tooth Mountain (that’s where tooth fairies live) Ayla’s memory came back to her. She also remembered she had a brown, rotten tooth in her bag, but when she looked inside she found a new, shiny coin. “Oh no” she cried “I must of taken this coin from someone, from someone in Harvick Hills! I can’t give the coin back because I’m off duty! Ayla thought and thought and then, I’VE GOT IT! I will give the child a bag of shiny coins to make up for my mistake.” And that’s just what she did…
“Mum! Look what I found, a bag of coins! This is the best day of my life!” said Robbie.
As Robbie got older he never had to visit the dentist and he never, ever lost a tooth. YES, strange things happen when fairies loose their memory…

Annabel Manoleras
Year 5


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