Once I did a bad thing and it was all because of a hamster. I'm only a nine year old boy called Sam. It's just hamsters are cool. My friend Alex had two for his birthday. I only wish my birthday was closer.

I went down stairs to ask one of my parents if i could have one mum was in the kitchen preparing dinner so I asked "Mum, can I have a hamster please?"
She told me straight,
"No" mum said (in a voice a little louder than usual),"your father is allergic to fur".
I went back up to my room feeling a little let down. Not only five minutes later my friend Alex Aherene rung up and told me that he had a hamster for sale, he told me his hamster two had bred. It was the type I always wanted, brown and white. “I don't have enough money” I told him.
"I could sell my old toys." I mumbled to myself. "Or I could do house work for a week."
But my dad can easily find the hamster and tell my mum.

Only a week later I went over to my Alex’s house and gave him the money to but the baby hamster and he had everything I needed a cage, water bottle, food bole e.t.c.
"Thanks Alex" I said
"Take care now Sam" he said as he waved me goodbye.
When I got back home my mum wasn't there so I sneaked my hamster up to my room, and put him under my bed would be safe there. He had his food and water. So he would be happy and he also had his wheel and bed in his house with all of his favourite things.

The next morning it was school, I had to leave poor little hammy under the bed alone, so I made a little cardboard hut in our art lesson (we could make anything we wanted to), then when I got home I put it in his cage so he could hide in when he gets scared or cold when he’s alone. He had so much fun with all his new toys inside his small cramped cage.
Alex came round for tea. And just as we were about to tuck in mum walked into the dining room and said “I've got something for you."
"What is it mum?” I said
"Its a Hamster".
“WOW” I said, trying too put on the act of surprise.
"What about dad" I asked
But she was ignoring me acknowledging my new hamster at that secound an idea caught me of guard this could be a chane to start breeding my hamsters and start selling them in secreat.
The End


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