When we found out mum was having a baby we were sad,
Mum and dad got mad

They said it would be great to have a baby,
We said ok but were still a bit shady

A few time she fainted,
Nine whole months we waited

You should’ve seen the size of her belly,
All she could do was watch the telly

The Stork finally arrived… it was a boy,
He looked just like a toy

When baby jake came there was lots to do,
Including cleaning up his smelly poo

Having a baby brother isn’t so bad after all,
He is so adorable and so small

We’d like to thank our mother & father,
For giving us our baby brother

We thought we wouldn’t be special anymore,
But now as a family we are more special than before.

By Alessia & Katia Cantale
8 years old
class 34H
3 Curtain ave abbotsford 2046


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