Do they fight for a reason? Or just to spill some blood?
Do they want to ruin lives? Or just shoot them through the eyes?
Why do they invent this hell? With lead instead of liquid.
Why do they have to wast the money that we work hard to earn?
They rob the beaches of their sand just to provide protection.
They ruin the land by digging holes for the dead, soon to be dead and living.
They call it a war to shift the blame from them to other men.
To cover up the anarchy that’s spread across the plains.
Many lives are wasted.
Many are destroyed.
And what do they have to show for it?
Nothing but bloody men.
And when all this is over they still cant face the fact.
They ruined many families and destroyed generations.
So this is why I pose the question.
Why do politions send men off to war?