A Beautiful Place

Once there was girl. Her name was Lisa. Lisa lived deep in the forest. She lived by her self because when she was young her parents passed away. There weren't really any animals in that part of the forest. She was very very lonely. One day when she was walking through the forest she heard a noise. It sounded like something tapping. She kept on walking, the noise was getting louder and louder until suddenly she felt her foot touch something. She jumped back a saw a swan. The swan was lying on the ground flapping it's wing, there was a stick stuck in it's wing. Lisa picked the swan up and carried it back to her cottage. When she got to the cottage she put the swan down gently on a pillow. She pulled the stick out and bandaged the wing up. Lisa asked the swan what it's name was, the swan said her name was Sarah. "What happened?" asked Lisa. Sarah told her that she was flying, and she didn't see the top of a tree and ran into it while she was falling a stick punctured her wing. She told Lisa that she was flying to a warmer place, because it was too cold to stay where she was. After a few days of Sarah staying at Lisa's cottage, they become best friends. Sarah would soon be leaving and suggested that Lisa should go with her to a warmer place and that Lisa could sit on Sarah's back while she flew there. She also told Lisa that there would be alot more animals there for her to meet and become friends with, Lisa agreed to go with her. Within a few days they were off flying to another place. When they got there they saw what a beautiful place it was.Sarah and Lisa went to have a look around and to see where they could stay. After they had a look around they picked a beautiful home in the huge trunk of a willow tree. The willow tree was right near the huge waterfall. There were other animals swimming in the creek under the waterfall. For the first few days Lisa got stared at alot from the others animals, because she was the only human there. After a while all the animals began to befriend her as they found her very kind and friendly. All the animals and Lisa had a huge celebration to welcome her and Sarah. In the winter time it wasn't very cold so they stayed there for years and years, while they were there they met alot of other animals and became friends with them. Sarah and Lisa lived happily ever after.


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